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LGBTQ people have surrounded the Supreme Court as justices hear civil rights cases

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Daily Brief · Oct 8, 2019
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LGBTQ people have surrounded the Supreme Court as justices hear civil rights cases
Laverne Cox joined LGBTQ protestors at the Supreme Court, while a hate group wants followers to pray against equality.
Ellen fires back at liberals with condescending speech about kindness ellen-degeneres-bush.jpg
She said she doesn't care about George W Bush's political "beliefs," which include banning marriage equality in the Constitution and the war in Iraq. He's her friend.
Here's how one man plans to win nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people nationwide Gerald-Bostock_Petitioner_Bostock-v.-Clayton-County-2.jpg
Gerald Bostock's legal challenge will be heard at the Supreme Court on Tuesday along with two others. His attorney has three arguments he insists will sway the court.
Brutal attack by gang of punks leaves gay man with broken jaw & no teeth cedrick-green.jpg
Three men started taunting him and then the punches started flying.
Will the conservative majority Supreme Court abandon Anthony Kennedy's support for equality? 17113823229_739c4f31b0_z-323x183.jpg
The Supreme Court is set to hear arguments this week on whether the 55-year-old federal civil rights law extends job protections to LGBT and transgender workers nationwide.
Businesses are getting threats over their rainbow flags. So the community banded together. anti-gay-flier.jpg
One business's window was broken, but a local LGBTQ organization raised funds to replace it.
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SCOTUS Justice Clarence Thomas may not be in court tomorrow. He can still rule against LGBTQ rights. clarence-thomas-supreme-court-justice.jpg
A Supreme Court justice doesn't have to listen to arguments in person to make a decision.
An out athlete wore rainbow sneakers while competing in an anti-LGBTQ country erica-bougard.jpg
"I'm not afraid of the consequences. I feel like I'm well protected."
Election Day should replace Columbus Day as a federal holiday I-Voted-image-323x183.jpg
Giving workers a holiday so that they could vote would increase voter turnout. That's why Republicans hate the idea.
The 'Black Cat gay riot' is well-known… it's also a myth BLACK-CAT-2-MORE-PHOTOS-INVERT.jpg
When cops wreaked havoc at the Black Cat Tavern, history labelled it "a riot"... but what really happened there?
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