Thursday, September 5, 2019

The Anti-Hitler Youth: Meet The Badass Teenaged Resistance Fighters Of Nazi Germany


The Edelweiss Pirates' antics ranged from stealing Hitler Youth bicycles and filling Nazi gas tanks with sugar to providing shelter for escaped concentration camp prisoners. Many of them were jailed and at least six of them were hanged.

The Anti-Hitler Youth: Meet The Badass Teenaged Resistance Fighters Of Nazi Germany

The Edelweiss Pirates wore their hair long, had no strict dress code, played Jewish music, and welcomed both boys and girls into their ranks.

The Mobster Behind Joe Pesci's 'Casino' Character Was Way More Brutal Than The Movie Let On

By 22, he'd been arrested around a dozen times. By 25, he'd stabbed a guy through the testicles with an ice pick.

How A Slave From Roman Britain With A Sketchy Past Became Saint Patrick Of Ireland

He wasn't even Irish.

This Anime-Obsessed Serial Killer Raped And Murdered Four Girls In 1980s Tokyo

After killing and mutilating his last victim, the "Otaku Killer" drank her blood and slept next to her body.

How A Bad Actor Named Buffalo Bill Invented The Myth Of The 'Wild West'


This Mob Boss May Have Been With Marilyn Monroe On Her Last Night — And Helped Kill Kennedy

For decades, one prominent theory on JFK's assassination has been that the mob wanted revenge on his family after brother Bobby began prosecuting them.

He Was The Most Famous Aviator On Earth — And Then His Nazi Sympathies Were Revealed


Half Man, Half God, All Rage: Meet The Incredible Hulk Of Irish Mythology

Renowned for his strength, CΓΊ Chulainn could turn into a superhuman monster when enraged and take on whole armies singlehandedly.

Inside The Storied Search For The Bodies Of Antony And Cleopatra, Ancient History's Greatest Lovers


Soviet Sailor's Message In A Bottle Washes Ashore In Alaska After 50 Years

"We wish you good health and long years of life and happy sailing. 20 June 1969."

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