Friday, September 13, 2019


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Catholic Zionism, an unsettling sci-fi novel, and more
It's Moshe, Mosaic's assistant editor, closing out the week with our latest, including our big September essay, a disturbing sci-fi novel, and, as usual, a podcast.
The rise of Catholic Zionism 
When most people think about Christian Zionism, they think about evangelicals and Protestants. Perhaps no more: in our September essay, the scholar of Catholic theology Gavin D'Costa traces a new evolution toward Zionism in Catholic thought. D'Costa locates the origins of this new species in the Second Vatican Council, when the Church began officially to correct for centuries of anti-Semitism. Since then, the trend has both deepened and expanded.
What if shape-shifting Jews achieved world domination? 
That's the premise of an unsettling new sci-fi novel by a major British science-fiction writer.
In his review, Michael Weingrad visits an alternate history in which Jewish "Bundists" use technology to turn themselves into super-human shape-shifters who quickly establish world dominance. These classic anti-Semitic tropes may (or may not) have been unintentional, but the novel still leaves our reviewer deeply disturbed.
If it's Friday, it's "rock shabbat" 
From showcasing Israeli music to hosting a "rock shabbat," American synagogues (even Orthodox ones) are actively seeking new ways of attracting congregants. Are these methods effective, though? Jack Wertheimer, a leading observer of American Jewish life, joins our podcast to tell us.
Other stories we're interested in (from our Editors' Picks)

The New Catholic Zionism

by Gavin D'Costa

Protestant evangelical Zionism has a centuries-old pedigree. Could Catholic Zionism, evolving over the last half-century, become official Church teaching?
Read more . . .

What Contemporary Judges Can Learn from the Judges of Yore

by Atar Hadari

No judge is so great as to be exempt from showing deference to the judicial hierarchy at large.
Read more . . .

A Science Fiction Novel In which the Jews Become Overlords of the Post-Human Future

by Michael Weingrad

In The Smoke, the latest from the British writer Simon Ings, "Bundists" turn into grotesque shape-shifters. The implications are at once unclear and unsettling.
Read more . . .

Podcast: Jack Wertheimer on the New American Synagogue

by Tikvah Podcast at Mosaic and Jack Wertheimer

In the third and final episode of our podcast series, the eminent scholar of American Jewish life brings us into the typical synagogue to show how deeply it's changing.
Read more . . .
Top Five Editors' Picks

1. Iranian Moderates vs. Hardliners: A Myth That Won't Die

One of its first propagators is now being held hostage by the "moderates." Amir Taheri.

2. For Israeli Voters, One Thing Is Paramount: Not Returning to the Bloody Post-Oslo Days

The war that has no name. Matti Friedman.

3. In Her New Book on Anti-Semitism, Bari Weiss Bravely States the Obvious

Even as she insists on clinging to a bankrupt progressivism and "the Judaism of Sunday school." Hillel Halkin.

4. If American Jews Are Growing Apart from Israel, It's Not Because of Israel's Actions

Particularism vs. universalism. Daniel Gordis.

5. Israel Cannot Protect Itself with Airpower Alone

Only a determined ground effort can break the spirit of the enemy. Jerusalem Institute for Strategy and Security.


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