Monday, September 2, 2019

Argentina’s beleaguered government imposes capital controls


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In retreat
Argentina's beleaguered government imposes capital controls

Fear of a populist government provokes a market crash, forcing the president's hand

Read more: Argentina's crisis shows the limits of technocracy

Parliament's Brexit showdown begins

As MPs prepare to legislate against a no-deal Brexit, the prime minister considers calling an election to thwart them

People are working longer for reasons of choice and necessity

The long and winding career

Daily chart
How global warming makes hurricanes more severe

Dorian is the second-strongest Atlantic storm on record. That seems to be part of a worrying trend

Chill from the east
Germany's governing parties keep the far right at bay—just

The AfD's strong showing in two state elections is a worrying portent

What is a brain?
Cerebral organoids are becoming more brainlike

Like real brains, they show signs of synchronous electrical activity

Sensing the end
Kimbanguists believe Congo's suffering is a sign of the apocalypse

But they aren't too concerned

The Intelligence
What is the Hong Kong government's next move?

Also on the daily podcast: old-school spycraft in the Baltics and drag acts sashay into the mainstream

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