Tuesday, September 3, 2019

America’s long Afghan war nears an end

Many Afghans are nervous that America, in its haste to leave, will continue to water down the demands it makes of the Taliban
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Not what peace looks like
America's long Afghan war nears an end

But that may not mean peace for Afghanistan
The debate stage
How the Democratic field is narrowing

Will anyone else join Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders in the top tier?
Read more: Our interactive guide to the 2020 Democratic primary race
Shopify and the return of the merchant class

A Canadian tearaway is doing to sellers what Amazon has done to buyers
Daily chart
Police killings in the state of Rio de Janeiro are at a 20-year high

Under a bill backed by Brazil's president, they could become even more common
Meagre fare
India's government is scrambling to revive the economy

What it has offered may keep businesses on their feet, for a while at least
Back on the scene
Emmanuel Macron reclaims France's international role

A well-hosted G7 helps France's president recover, abroad and at home
Venice Film Festival
If "An Officer and a Spy" flops, Roman Polanski's reputation may not be to blame

The director's take on the Dreyfus affair is not his worst film, but it is hardly thrilling
The Intelligence
Why Donald Trump's immigration raids are inefficient

Also on the daily podcast: Turkey's returning wave of jihadists and calculating a "culinary balance of trade"
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