Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Adam Schiff: (please sign) Trump Staffers CONTEMPT, Jail for ignoring Subpoenas

Is Trump just going to be allowed to break the law again and again? >>

25,000 URGENT SIGNATURES NEEDED: Put Trump Staffers in Jail if they Refuse to Comply with Congressional Subpoenas >>

President Trump has commanded his supporters and staffers to IGNORE legal subpoenas to testify before Congress.
They are breaking the law!
Congressional Democrats can’t let this happen. Sign the petition to demand the lawbreakers are held under contempt -- send them to jail if necessary!
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Petition Signature: PENDING (click to sign) >>
Sign Your Name >>

Look --

Is Trump just going to be allowed to break the law again and again?

Trump Administration and Campaign officials have been brazenly and repeatedly ignoring legal subpoenas from Congress. They are openly breaking the law by refusing to testify.

Rep. Adam Schiff has had enough! He just called for Congress to revive its power of contempt, so we can fine and jail Trump’s lawbreakers.

'Rep. Schiff: Revive Congressional Power To Imprison People In Contempt.' - Real Clear Politics

The Trump Administration was expecting Democrats would just let them get away with this. But Adam Schiff is stepping up.

Trump is already so terrified of Adam Schiff that he’s called for him to “be forced to resign from Congress.”

We need 25,000 signatures standing with Congressman Schiff. Sign now to demand consequences for Trump staffers who ignore Congressional subpoenas:

Sign Your Name >>

Thanks for taking action,

- Stop-Republicans.org

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