Who Ya gonna believe? MSNBC? The NEW YORK TIMES? The Washington Post?
ME?? or... Chuck Keyes?
Who ya gonna have pave your driveway? ...CHUCK KEYES.
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  • Chuck Keyes Do me a huge favor? Don’t tag me in anything that’s has to do with Democrats, liberals and the left. Don’t care to have anything from that side forced on to me! I don’t care wha any of them think or care or how they feel!!!!!
  • Terry A Travers Carol Emco I think we should probably ease up on some of our friends who can't see their way to seeing things as we do. I'm not absolutely averse to Libertarian and Conservative ideas and beliefs, but I've found young Trump to be such a wretched human See More
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  • Chuck Keyes I’m sorry you were unsuccessful at recruiting me to your cult full of liars and criminals!!!! Most of us aren’t blind or more importantly brainwashed!!!!
    • Terry A Travers The only time MOST is going to matter is in November of 2020. See you There.
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