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Saturday, June 9, 2018

This one shocking factor can make you 4600 percent more likely to become an addict

Top Stories for June 9, 2018
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Bill Maher closes HBO's Real Time with blistering monologue : 'I wouldn't put it past Trump to try and cancel the next election'

Trump 'coffee boy' Papadopoulos and wife are broke and had to move in with his mom: 'He can't work — zero income'

This one shocking factor can make you 4600 percent more likely to become an addict

Muhammad Ali's ex-wife slaps down Trump's pardon offer: 'Pardon someone who kneels'

 Bill Maher panel expertly explains how Trump used bigotry and fear to take over the GOP

Anthony Bourdain bought a painting the week before he died — and its title is chilling

Paul Manafort unveils an odd excuse for his alleged witness tampering

Bill Maher's HBO panel explodes over Trump's immigration policy: 'He's a big fat f*cking failure on the one thing he promised'

'Instead of pardoning some dead black people why not pardon some here now?' Watch Michael Eric Dyson throw down Real Time with Bill Maher

Minister who built religious right now appalled that it led to the rise of Trump

Florida Domino's cashier throws black customer's food on the floor and calls him the N-word after he complained about wait

'What the h*ll do you think she's going to do?': Family furious after TSA patted down 96-year-old grandmother for 6 minutes

Ex-Trump aide Jason Miller taken to the woodshed after calling Scott Pruitt's staffer errands 'goofy little things'

Democratic Senator argues Trump's defenders are panicking: 'They feel the noose closing'

CNN's Phil Mudd says Manafort's latest indictment shows his desperation — and predicts he'll now flip

Chairman of international investment advice firm warns Trump win in 2020 will bring about the 'end of the world order'

Man in suit caught on tape kicking homeless person's head in unprovoked attack

Texas Home Depot employees busted for laughing after fellow cashier demanded 'Mexican ID' from Hispanic veteran

Private Florida schools receiving taxpayer dollars are teaching humans lived with dinosaurs — and slavery wasn't so bad
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