Monday, June 11, 2018

The Supreme Court just attacked democracy:

DemocratsJoin us.
Today a 5-4 conservative majority on the Supreme Court ruled that Ohio can purge people who haven't voted in the past two years off their voter rolls. Here's why this ruling matters:

It's just another tool in Republicans' arsenal to discourage minority voter turnout -- people who they know are more likely to vote Democratic. And Republicans in other red states will use this decision to throw away folks' right to vote without facing any repercussions.

The impact this decision will have in 2018, 2019, and beyond is undeniable, which is why we have to hunker down now to give the Democratic Party the resources to organize and mobilize voters nationwide this year. Will you chip in today after the Supreme Court's historic decision?

As Republican politicians try to make it harder for folks to vote, the Democratic Party is working to expand access to the polls. Whether we're reaching out to voters where they are, teaming up with state parties to increase engagement in local and state elections, or fighting discriminatory voting laws in court, we can't do the work without you.

Stand with Democrats by chipping in to ensure all Americans can participate in our elections. Thank you for helping keep our democracy accessible, open, and fair.


Tom Perez
Democratic National Committee

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