Saturday, June 9, 2018

A Turning Point for Armenian Society

We think George Soris is AOK.

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As recently as a few months ago, conventional wisdom held that the Armenian people were indifferent to democracy and would not effectively resist the attempt by Serzh Sargysan, the country's longtime strongman ruler, to expand his powers. But the conventional wisdom was wrong. To the surprise of many, including democracy experts in Armenia, Sargysan's power grab was resisted by a robust nonviolent protest movement. Protesters forced him to step down, and a new prime minister—who embraces the democratic principles of openness, transparency, and accountability—has taken leadership of the country. At a time when open society seems under threat all over the world, Armenia's democratic awakening stands as a rebuke to authoritarians everywhere.


International Justice

Europe's Human Rights Court Shines More Light on the CIA's Black Site Torture Program

A railway yard with a building in the background
A ruling from the European Court of Human Rights requires Romania to finally acknowledge that it hosted a secret CIA prison on its territory between 2003 and 2005.

Drug Policy Reform

How a New Approach to Coca Will Strengthen Colombia's Democracy

A person holding soda bottles up to the light
A new report shows how, after decades of needless destruction, a grassroots movement in Colombia is breaking from the failed "war on drugs" and devising new strategies for increasing prosperity and strengthening peace.

Equality in Europe

A Step Forward for Equal Marriage Rights in the European Union

Adrian Coman in front of a group of microphones
Same-sex spouses who married an EU migrant in an EU country must now be recognized as having the same residency rights as opposite-sex spouses across all 28 member states.


Just Like Us: LGBTQ Life in Ghana

Three people in a kitchen
In this week's Open Society Instagram takeover, photographer Eric Gyamfi shares glimpses of everyday life for LGBTQ Ghanaians.

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