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Sunday, June 10, 2018

707 Main St.Worcester, Ma. acting in America's National Security interests.

Ronald O'Clair


707 Main St.Worcester, Ma.

Acting in America's National Security interests.





Ronald O'Clair

Published on Aug 31, 2017

Many people over the course of my sole quest for knowledge and answers to difficult questions that NO ONE could answer to my own satisfaction drove me to abandon the life I led as a mechanic like my father before me, and embark on a journey of discovery which was originally intended to last 6 months or so.
30 SEP 17 will make the 31st year anniversary of my quest for those answers I had at 25 years old that no one could answer. I recognized at that time that all was not quite right in the Worcester County of Massachusetts where I had been born. I had been like everyone else, blinded to the seriousness of the erosion of our civil and legal rights as guaranteed by the United States Constitution of which I was then charged with the duty of "protecting & defending" against ALL enemies, Foreign & Domestic.
That additional duty came to me along with the "Certificate of Appointment" as an NCO (non-commissioned officer) in the USAF Reserve program of which I served in the 42nd Mobile Aerial Port Squadron attached to the 439th Combat Support Group located at Westover AFB Chicopee Falls, Massachusetts.
There is an important distinction to be made when one serves as a Reserve of the Air Force, rather than a member or a National Guard, or Air Guard member, in that I was not subject to call out by any Governor, I was a Federal employee as a Reservist at Westover.
This distinction in my mind is important to the reason why I felt duty bound to devote so much of my own life to seeking that knowledge that has escaped the most brilliant minds in academia. I could see that our Nation was in peril if nothing was done to reverse the decline of civility in our civilian populations that I as a Reserve member was also a part of.
I had no problems in the Military mode, I did discover quite by accident that things were not so well and orderly in the civilian part of my life. This was brought about by my being detained against my will without probable cause as I had broken no laws.
I discovered just how far these civilian "protect & serve" employees of the Worcester County were prepared to go to deprive an individual of his due process rights, his civil and legal rights as well.
It has led me further than I imagined and has taken a considerable toll on me over the years making me want to quit many times.
I would halt my investigation for periods of introspective analysis of the data collected to that point, and determine which way to proceed from that point forward.
I would try one method, then another, and still another if those did not produce results. I thought long and hard and decided that the task was just too great many times. I always received new energy when another injustice would spark my indignation once again.
Freedom is NOT free, someone has to pay for it. I have paid, and paid, and paid. I have been tortured, beaten, and reviled by many on both sides of the equation, cops and criminals alike.
I have earned the battle scars I wear, and yet I never did give up the quest. I am pleased to say that the long awaited publishing of my findings is near to hand.
My "Corruption" series of books will open a lot of closed minds to new possibilities, and many who were as blind as I was in the beginning will finally be able to see that all is not quite right in America today.
How to "fix" what is broken will be the subject of the books I plan to write after all these years of research into what makes people the way they are.
Equal justice under the law is not an abstract concept, but a right of all American citizens without exception or favor. We will never have equality so long as people try to gain favor of one group over other groups of citizens. No one has any more, or less rights than anyone else, and we need to see that justice is truly blind in that regard.
May the God of my understanding continue to bless America.
Ron O'Clair - Worcester, Massachusetts USA #1
31 AUG 2017 ALL RIGHTS RESERVED Copyright c. 2017 O'Clair, R.L.

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