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Sunday, May 27, 2018

Morning Report: Freed hostage from Venezuela 'overwhelmed with gratitude'

May 27, 2018 - Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doesn't think Sirhan Sirhan killed his dad
MAY 27, 2018
Freed hostage from Venezuela 'overwhelmed with gratitude'
WASHINGTON — Joshua Holt, who traveled to Venezuela from Utah in 2016 to marry a Spanish-speaking Mormon woman but soon found himself jailed and later branded the CIA's top spy in Latin...
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. doesn't think Sirhan Sirhan killed his dad
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is not convinced that Sirhan Sirhan fired the shot that killed his...
How this trucker became a Manhattan socialite
Inside her new $11.5 million apartment on a top floor of the Plaza Hotel, Trudy Jacobson...
Mitch McConnell says a 'blue wave' won't be coming in 2018
The "blue wave" that Democrats hope to ride to midterm glory has ebbed to a blue...
NYPD cop accused in road rage beating 'never should have been hired'
An NYPD cop accused of brutally beating a motorist in a fit of road rage was...
Mets collapse reaches epic proportions in embarrassing loss
MILWAUKEE — In a race to the bottom in which everybody associated with the Mets loses,...
Campaign contributor helped Obamas score Netflix deal
Barack and Michelle Obama are raking in the cash, thanks to the influence of a former...
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Mitch McConnell says a 'blue wave' won't be coming in 2018
The "blue wave" that Democrats hope to ride to midterm glory has ebbed to a blue trickle, gleeful Republicans say. Buoyed by a surging...
Body found in river identified as financially struggling cabbie
A body found floating in the East River earlier this week was positively identified as cabbie Yu Mein "Kenny' Chow – the latest financially...
Joe Namath turning 75: Icon reflects on wild life and he's not done yet
When Joe Namath was turning 50 years old, one of his friends said to him, "Damn you're getting old, huh?" The Hall of Fame...
Jon Bon Jovi and son debut new line of rosé, Hampton Water
From banging through the final leg of Bon Jovi's "This House Is Not for Sale" Tour to finally getting inducted into the Rock and...
A President Clinton would have made things much worse
To put the roller-coaster presidency of Donald Trump in perspective, it helps on occasion to imagine that Hillary Clinton won the election. My experience...
'Flip or Flop' exes dish on 'awkward' new season
Well, this is awkward. "Flip or Flop" is back for its seventh season Thursday on HGTV — filmed just after stars Christina and Tarek...
Your guide to the most romantic wedding, proposal and date spots in the Hamptons
When David Kaplan and Jenna Gerbino first laid eyes on their wedding venue, it was love at first sight. Kaplan, who co-owns East Village...
Deadbeat son is a sign of America's failure to raise boys
Last week, a judge in New York ruled that a 30-year-old man must move out of his childhood home on June 1 after his...
Cop crashes Adam Levine's 'Carpool Karaoke' segment
The duo were pulled over for "creating a traffic hazard," but the incident had an amusing twist.
Why GPS will never make the road atlas obsolete
Peter Dalbis has been alive for 76 years, and at least 50 of those were spent following directions in Rand McNally road atlases. Dalbis...
Tour the most charming whalers' cottages for sale in Sag Harbor
The Hamptons may be synonymous with beach living, but its beautiful villages are also booming. In Sag Harbor, a whaling town founded in 1707,...
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