Thursday, May 31, 2018

Morning Report: Couple's anniversary night out in NYC turns into nightmare

May 31, 2018 - 'I wasn't gonna get an Emmy anyway': John Goodman on Roseanne controversy
MAY 31, 2018
Couple's anniversary night out in NYC turns into nightmare
A couple's 10-year wedding anniversary celebration turned into a nightmare in Midtown when a crazed man walked up to the pair, spit on the woman and then punched her husband in the...
'I wasn't gonna get an Emmy anyway': John Goodman on Roseanne controversy
John Goodman couldn't care less about ABC's decision to pull the plug on "Roseanne" and its...
Top N. Korean official and Pompeo try to save summit over dinner
NEW YORK — A senior North Korean official and the top U.S. diplomat had dinner in...
Allison Mack says branding NXIVM 'sex slaves' was her idea
Branding the flesh of female "sex slaves" was her own idea, says the former "Smallville" actress...
Ben Simmons may have cheated on Tinashe with Kendall Jenner
"No f - - king excuse for cheating, be a man and figure it out," Tinashe's brother tweeted.
How this journalist used 'fake news' of his death to save his life
It's the greatest fake news story of all time. Grieving reporters gathered in Ukraine on Wednesday...
Kim Kardashian meets with Trump to discuss prison reform
Kardashian began lobbying for a meeting after catching wind of Alice Marie Johnson's story on social...
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Trump signs 'Right to Try' bill giving terminally ill people access to experimental drugs
President Trump signed a bill on Wednesday that will let terminally ill people use experimental drugs, citing the meds' ability to save "tremendous numbers...
Top state agency administrator fired for sexual misconduct
The Cuomo administration fired a top agency administrator after a state probe substantiated accusations of sexual misconduct, officials revealed Wednesday. Former Justice Center for...
Yankees ace completely comfortable carrying the load
You peruse the batting order, one-through-nine, and even on a night such as Wednesday, when Brett Gardner and Greg Bird both sat strategically against...
What's really behind the interest rates rollercoaster
Which way will interest rates go next? Interest rates soared in recent weeks with the 10-year US government note, for example, settling comfortably over...
Twitter is as addictive and destructive as a drug
Why does anyone, anywhere, still tweet? In a span of seconds, Roseanne Barr blew up her life this week, rage-tweeting racist and bigoted commentary....
'The Americans' finale answered a lot of questions
Warning: This story contains spoilers from Wednesday night's series finale. TThe Americans" wrapped its six-season run Wednesday night, ending the saga of Reagan-era KGB...
The new, dangerous body obsession taking over Instagram
When you hear "Toblerone," you probably envision the delicious, triangular Swiss chocolate bar filled with almond nougat. But today in England, the word means...
Tons of New Yorkers want to leave the city
One-third of New Yorkers want to ditch the Big Apple. A study by brokerage and real estate listings hub Redfin found that 34 percent...
Vogue magazine lays off 8 staffers
As part of the ongoing cuts at Condé Nast, eight people were chopped at Vogue, the flagship title headed by Anna Wintour. Among those...
Only Apple can save humanity from smartphone enslavement
Facebook should be regulated like the cigarette industry. Too much screen time is like digital heroin to kids. Internet addiction changes your brain similarly...
Man discovers he doesn't own his own home in odd mix-up
A New Zealand man has received the shock of his life after police knocked on his door to inform him he doesn't actually own...
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