Tuesday, January 2, 2018

😉 Hatch Retirement Opens the Door for Mitt Romney in Utah

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January 2, 2018
Hatch Retirement Opens the Door for Mitt Romney in Utah
Republican senator Orrin Hatch of Utah announced he would not seek re-election to an eighth term in 2018 in a video Tuesday afternoon. Hatch,...
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Tuesday Morning Quarterback: Ranking the NFL Playoff Contenders
Tuesday Morning Quarterback's Authentic Games metric tracks quality victories in high-pressure situations, and has a decent track record at...
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Death Becomes Her: Inside the Nutshell World of Frances Glessner Lee
If you're around Washington D.C. this winter, you might want to consider swinging through the Renwick Gallery, located just a stone's throw from...
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White House Watch: As 2018 Dawns, Trump Focuses on Iran
Donald Trump begins 2018 with a rare condition for his presidency: the biggest news story isn't directly about him. That doesn't mean the...
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The Economics of 2018
"Mournful, dazed, sullen, traumatized, self-absorbed, defensive, remote, morbid, bleak, bummed-out, alienated, unprotected, besieged." That's how...
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Afternoon Links

Roy Moore's "Jewish lawyer" voted for Doug Jones. You remember the trainwreck where Kayla Moore brought up their Jewish lawyer as a rebuttal to charges of anti-semitism? He voted for Doug Jones. Not only that, he raised money for him, too!

Helicopter parenting year in review. Lenore Skenazy has a worthwhile review of the worst incidents that took place in 2017. My favorite was the kid who sweetly wanted to take his grandmother to prom, but the principal had to intervene, lest she be a threat to kids.

How the MSM blew it in 2017. At the Examiner (subscribe today!) Becket Adams neatly summarizes some of the media's biggest failures in 2017

Love those Kiwis. The nanny staters in New Zealand have met a creative foe: smart drunks. A ban on public consumption of alcohol over the holidays couldn't stop a bunch of locals who built a sandcastle that became an island during high tide to avoid being subject to the law. The local police inspector, when asked for comment, said: "That's creative thinking - if I had known that I probably would have joined them."

David Clarke is a bad dude. An FBI search warrant affadavit seeking emails by celebrity television sheriff David Clarke came out over the holidays, and if you needed any further proof the guy's a bad dude, just read itWhat a snowflake

SWATting should be a felony. Given recent events, it's worth revisiting Popehat's argument for making SWATting a felony.

Farmer's market gentrification? That's a new one, but as a certified hater of farmer's markets (they're bad for the environment!), that they're apparently an harbinger of gentrification doom is just another arrow in my quiver.

Have you cleaned up after Christmas? I always joke with my Christmas-obsessed wife that 12/26 is when the tree comes down and the ornaments go back to storage, but that's because I am a Scrooge. Most people like Christmas, but some people are a little nuts. Like this family, that kept their tree alive for 34 years.

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