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Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Trump keeps making enemies

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October 18, 2017

By Zeke J. Miller


For a President whose first year rests on the potential for a flurry of legislative action, Donald Trump seems to be doing all he can to make enemies on Capitol Hill. Trump embraced, then quickly about-faced, a bipartisan push to reinstate the cost-sharing subsidies under Obamacare he ended last week. As he backed away from the bill, he left a leading GOP Senator, Lamar Alexander, out to dry. Alexander told reporters Wednesday that Trump asked him to work across the aisle on the fix. But Trump's tweeted disavowal puts into doubt the legislative effort to keep premiums lower for as many as several million families. It's hardly the first time Trump has done this — and it's wearing thin on Capitol Hill, where lawmakers are squeezed by a fractured Republican Party.

A day after mischaracterizing President Obama's treatment of Gold Star families, Trump is finding himself in hot water over his conversation with the family of a U.S. service-member killed earlier this month in Niger. Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson, who overheard Trump's conversation with Sgt. La David T. Johnson's widow, recounted Trump saying that Johnson "knew what he signed up for," and that his comments troubled the widow, Myeshia Johnson. Trump took to Twitter to deny the account as a fabrication and claim that he possessed proof to that fact. But the account was subsequently confirmed by a family member to the Washington Post. The struggle to show empathy privately comes as Trump's public efforts as consoler-in-chief have been mixed.

Trump references John Kelly's killed-in-action son to criticize Obama. NAFTA renegotiation trouble. And the latest edition of "Roy Moore said what?"

Here are your must reads:

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How Trump handled four dead soldiers [Washington Post]

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NAFTA Talks Hit Impasse as U.S. Slams Trading Partners
Mexico, Canada and U.S. agree to delay next set of talks as a testy round wraps up. [Politico]

Sound Off

"Yes, we have been involved. And this is a short-term deal because we think, ultimately, block grants going to the states is going to be the answer. That's a very good solution. We think it's going to not only save money but give people much better healthcare with a very, very much smaller premium spike -- and you look at what has gone on with that -- also, much lower deductibles so they can use it. Lamar has been working very, very hard with the Democratic -- his colleagues on the other side, and Patty Murray is one of them, in particular. And they're coming up and they're fairly close to a short-term solution." — President Trump at a press conference Tuesday on the Alexander-Murray healthcare bill

"I am supportive of Lamar as a person & also of the process, but I can never support bailing out ins co's who have made a fortune w/ O'Care." — Trump on Twitter Wednesday morning

Bits and Bites

Trump Says He Called 'Every Family' of Soldiers Who Died. But Some Never Heard From Him [Associated Press]

FBI releases early draft of Comey's Clinton statement [CNN]

Joe Biden: Donald Trump 'Doesn't Understand How the Government Functions' [TIME]

Trump disputes account of his call with soldier's widow. But congresswoman who heard exchange says it was 'horrible.' [Washington Post]

Fox News Poll: Roy Moore, Doug Jones neck-and-neck in Alabama Senate race [Fox]

'The Order Is Lawful.' Jeff Sessions Defends Trump's Travel Ban [Associated Press]

Internal White House documents allege manufacturing decline increases abortions, infertility, and spousal abuse [Washington Post]

'It's Against the Law.' Senate Candidate Roy Moore Criticizes NFL Protesters [TIME]

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