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Sunday, October 8, 2017

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That time when Blondin, the high-rope walking horse receives second billing, when Nebo's talent is just being really (really) big. 

Forepaugh Sr. entered the circus business in 1864, and operated as the main rival venue to P.T. Barnum until 1889 when he sold the circus, which continued to operate under his name until 1894. His son Forepaugh Jr. was known as a foremost animal trainer and began training the pony Blondin in Philadelphia in the fall of 1885.

Avil Printing Co. Forepaugh's all feature show… . Philadelphia : Avil & Co., [1887].  1 print :  chromolithograph ;  11 x 15 cm (4.5 x 5.5 in.)

#TradeCardThursday #circusanimals #LCPtradecards #lcpephemera #lcpprints #chromolithograph #1880s #menagerie #vcpatlcp #horses #BensLibrary #SpecialCollections #Tumblarians

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"And we won't stop."

Just some crazy Russian friends.

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