Friday, August 4, 2017

Fw: Medicare-for-All Isn’t the Solution for Universal Health Care

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NATION DAILY: August 2, 2017

Medicare-for-All Isn't the Solution for Universal Health Care

The health-care debate is moving to the left. But if progressives don't start sweating the details, we're going to fail yet again.

Joshua Holland
Donald Trump and Ryan Zinke Are Purging Climate Scientists for Telling the Truth

Dozens of senior officials have been reassigned at the Department of the Interior, including Dr. Virginia Burkett, who contributed to the IPCC reports that won the Nobel Peace Prize.


Adam Federman

We Need to Stop Using Russia as a Political Football

From Nixon to Trump, there have always been long-term risks in exploiting foreign policy for domestic political gain.


Vadim Nikitin

No, Law School Didn't Teach Us to 'Engage' With Racists

Rather, we intend to use our legal training to fight injustice wherever we encounter it.


Various Contributors

Is State-Level Single-Payer Within Reach?

Scandinavian-style health-care is part of at least one candidate's platform for 2018.


Ann Jones

Hold JPMorgan Chase Accountable For Profiting Off of Trump's Attacks on Immigrants

You can also show your support for workers in a Nissan plant in Mississippi and lobby your members of Congress to think beyond resistance.



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