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8 billion records, free access to census records.

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8 billion records in SuperSearch
We've Surpassed 8 Billion Records on SuperSearch!
We're happy to announce that we've reached a huge milestone — there are now more than 8 billion historical records in SuperSearch, plus new and updated collections. We're continually adding new global content, over 3.3 million records daily.
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Free records
Record Week: Search Our Census Records for Free!
In celebration of surpassing 8 billion historical records on SuperSearch, we're making our major census collections from the US, Canada, UK, and Scandinavia free for all users for one week starting on Monday, August 14. That's right: no Data subscription is required! Search through this treasure trove of over 1 billion census records for free and enjoy!
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Cathy and Karen
MyHeritage DNA Solves a 50 Year Mystery
Cathy was 15 when she gave birth to Karen and had to give her up for adoption. Over the years, she searched far and wide for Karen but could never find her. It took 50 years for them to be reunited through a MyHeritage DNA match.
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Tribal Quest
Explore Tribal Quest Siberia
Our Tribal Quest website has just been updated with brand new content from our recent expedition to Siberia. Complete with dazzling photos, captivating stories, and moving video footage, you won't want to miss it. Tribal Quest is a MyHeritage pro bono initiative for documenting the family stories of tribal communities around the world, to preserve their family history for their future generations.
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Guest post
Digging Deeper: When You Can't Find a Death Record
Death records are invaluable to family history research. But, what happens when a death record isn't available? The answer may be to search for burial records instead. This guest post by genealogist Amie Bowser Tennant discusses practical alternatives.
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Uncanny resemblances
Seeing Double
We all receive equal amounts of DNA from each of our parents, but it's the exact mix of genes that we receive from each that determines our appearance, and whether or not we resemble one or both of our parents. We recently held a look-alike photo competition, and you won't believe how similar these fathers and their children look!
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Meet the team: Uri Gonen
Meet the team: Uri Gonen
Meet Uri — one of the first team members at MyHeritage who joined when it was still just an idea. With over 12 years of MyHeritage experience, Uri has had many different roles and is an expert in our products and technologies.
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MyHeritage acquires the Legacy Family Tree Software and Webinar Platform
MyHeritage has acquired Millennia Corporation, makers of the popular Legacy Family Tree genealogy desktop software and genealogy webinar platform, Legacy Family Tree Webinars. To introduce you to Legacy's valuable genealogical webinars, delivered by leading experts and chock-full of insights on a wide array of genealogy & DNA resources and methodology, we're offering all MyHeritage users a 50% discount on Legacy Family Tree Webinars memberships.
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