Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Kibbutz dwellers don't deserve more just because their grandparents founded Israel
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Members of Kibbutz Amir going to work in the Hula swamps, 1940.
Kibbutz dwellers don't deserve more just because their grandparents founded Israel
How long will kibbutzniks lord their pioneer past over the rest of us Israelis?
Nissan Shor | 30.08.2017
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Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Extract water from thin air

Dear friends of Green Prophet,
Sometimes we come across technologies that we believe in. Technologies straightforward in their approach and sustainable in their design. Drinkable Air is one of those technologies.

This company, based in the US, creates potable and portable water extractors from the humidity around us - it's like pulling water from thin air. This is meaningful to people in desert lands, people facing drought and conflict and people who know that we can do better by this planet. One in every 6 people do not have access to safe or adequate supplies of drinking water. Yet, many of these areas are hot and humid which is perfect water-making weather.
We wrote about Drinkable Air here (CLICK TO LINK), which will lead you to the article. The company is currently seeking pilot sites and business in the Middle East and asked the Green Prophet community to help. It's a business that wants to help provide water where people lack. While we support the remediation of streams and rivers, and natural sources of drinking water, some people simply cannot make due where they live. Drinkable Air can make emergency water from as little as a home-sized 10L (2.5 gallons) unit up to units that can supply 15,000L (400 gallons) of water per day. The systems can be connected to alternative power supplies such as wind and solar, and the company is active in 39 countries.
Drinkable Air is looking for connections to end users, governments, corporations and sustainability fans around the world, but especially in the Middle East. If you have a desire to improve the planet and interest in further information please read the story below. Their contacts are at the end of the article (LINK HERE).
-Karin Kloosterman

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Monday, August 28, 2017

Nick Sheldon's birthday

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