Thursday, May 18, 2017

devastating news (it's over)


Friends, we’ve asked over and over…

But NOBODY seems to care about winning Montana’s Special Election next Thursday.

It’s done. OVER. Republicans win again!

Look, this WILL BE the reality unless progressives step up right now to help us turn things around.

WE’RE BEGGING -- chip in $5 to help Democrats win Montana:


Triple Match: $5 →
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Montana’s Special Election is more than just a race. This is our first opportunity to SLAM Trump and Paul Ryan with a humiliating defeat.

But look, we’re about to watch it slip away.

GOP candidate Greg Gianforte just injected $1 MILLION of his own money into this race. And meanwhile, we’re falling short of the resources we need to keep our trained field coordinators on the ground in Montana.

If we can’t raise the money we need, our team won't have the resources needed to be effective when it matters most.

Data from the 2016 Election shows that Progressive Turnout Project’s ground efforts can increase voter turnout by an average of 13%.

This is HUGE!! Right now, Democrat Rob Quist is barely trailing by single digits in the polls.

We need to get our communications all over the Big Sky State to convince each and every inconsistent Democrat that their voice matters -- and that their vote WILL determine the outcome of this race.

If we fall short, it’ll be heartbreak in Montana -- and yet another victory for Donald Trump. DON’T LET US DOWN -- not when we’ve come this close.

Rush an urgent donation to help Democrats win Montana’s Special Election:

Triple Match: $5 →
Triple Match: $35 →
Triple Match: $50 →
Triple Match: $100 →
Triple Match: $250 →
Triple Match: Other amount →

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