Thursday, May 18, 2017

Chomsky: 'Go to AlterNet'

Dear AlterNet Reader,

One of the greatest minds of our day, Noam Chomsky believes in AlterNet and the key role independent media has in protecting our democracy from the ravages of the right-wing agenda and the corporate dominance of our economy.

Chomsky writes:

I am constantly asked where to turn to learn about important matters that are ignored, scantily reported, or distorted by prevailing ideological filters in mainstream sources.

One answer that immediately comes to mind is: "Go to AlterNet."

You are an AlterNet regular—you know what we do, every day. Please dig deep, and go to AlterNet and support us.

With your support, we at AlterNet can take more risks in the face of the authoritarianism that is on our doorstep, and the nasty realities we will face every day. As Noam Chomsky warns, we are in a struggle to save the future of the earth and for the generations who will follow us.

I very much hope you can help us. Do it right now.



Don Hazen

Executive Editor,


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