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Sunday, April 16, 2017

Violent Anti and Pro Trump Clashes | More Trump Voter Regrets | The Media Can't Seem to Remember Any History

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TODAY'S TOP STORIES - April 16, 2017

Watch: Major Violence Breaks out In Berkeley Between Anti and Pro Trump Groups, Video Spreads on Twitter

By David Ferguson, Raw Story

According to CNN, Berkeley Police issued a statement that said, "A large number of fights have occurred and numerous fireworks have been thrown in the crowds," READ MORE»

Fear Grows as Armed Trump Supporters Escalate Threats Against Progressives

By Rick Perlstein, The Washington Spectator

"There are a bunch of people on the Internet who are waiting for someone to tell them it's okay to start shooting at you." READ MORE»

America's Manufactured Amnesia Puts Everyone in Peril

By Frank Joyce, AlterNet

The U.S. has forgotten its horrific past, so now it and other countries are reliving it.  READ MORE»

More TrumpRegrets Every Day: Now the Hard-Right Nationalists Are Losing Their Religion

By Heather Digby Parton, Salon

He's not locking up Hillary, he can't deliver cheap health care and now he's a warmonger. This could get ugly, fast. READ MORE»

This Former Neo-Nazi Has an Urgent Message for Donald Trump

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

Domestic terrorism is real, whether the president chooses to acknowledge it or not.  READ MORE»

Deconstructing The White 'More-ness' Privilege

By Joel Leon, Extra News Feed

White people are not afraid to ask for more. READ MORE»

Why Can't America Just Take out Assad?

By David Alpher, The Conversation

Ripping Assad out of the Syrian government will only make matters worse. READ MORE»

Frustration with Trump Down South: The Changing Politics of Reliably Republican Congressional District Propels Jon Ossoff

By Simon Maloy, Salon

Ahead of a key special election, voters in Tom Price's old district are rebelling against partisanship and Trump. READ MORE»

Can The 'Spiritual Left' Make the Change They Wish to See?

By Arielle Levites, Religion Dispatches

Spiritual activism could help love trump hate. READ MORE»

This One Group in Society Is Probably the Most Vulnerable to Climate Change

By Robin Scher, AlterNet

Disabled people suffered a disproportionate number of fatalities during Hurricane Katrina. READ MORE»

One-Woman Protest: At 18, She Knew No Other Undocumented Immigrant Dreamers

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

Now, she's leading their fight.  READ MORE»

Trump's Apparent Drug Czar Pick Would Double Down on Failed Drug War, Take Country Backward

By Bill Piper, AlterNet

The nomination of Rep. Tom Marino is yet another broken promise from President Trump. READ MORE»

What Does an 'America-First' Foreign Policy Actually Mean?

By William Astore, TomDispatch

It's not about ending war but exerting power and selling loads of weapons.  READ MORE»

The Sexual Harassment At Fox As Reported By The Press Throughout The Years

By Cristina L√≥pez G., Media Matters

There's at least fifteen years of accusations against Roger Ailes and Bill OReilly, but they've so far emerged unscathed.  READ MORE»

The Feisty Group That Exposed Wells Fargo's Wrongdoing

By Peter Dreier, The American Prospect

The whistleblowing heroes are the bank's employees who formed the Committee for Better Banks—not that you'd know this from the media's coverage. READ MORE»

Here Are 47 Common Foods and Plants That Are Toxic to Dogs—and What to Do If Fido Eats One

By Cindy Grant, AlterNet

Knowing what dogs shouldn't be eating can save your pet's life. READ MORE»

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