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Thursday, April 13, 2017

Obama DEMANDS immediate end to gerrymandering (please read!!)


Trump and the GOP have a clear plan: they want to redraw legislative districts and make it IMPOSSIBLE for Dems to win.

But President Obama has pledged to use his Post-Presidency power to fight back.

If you’re grateful, sign your name to thank Obama:

After eight exhausting years, no one would blame President Obama for taking a step back.

But instead, he’s pledged to roll up his sleeves to take on Republican redistricting (a cheap way to ensure that Republicans cannot lose seats in Congress to their Democratic competitors).

We’re so glad President Obama is not backing down. So please, join us and thank Obama →

The GOP has been working around the clock to defeat Democrats and to render our voices meaningless.

How? They’ve done this by gerrymandering -- or redrawing districts -- to spread their own voters out across many districts while packing Democrats into as few districts as possible to prevent us from winning seats.

It’s dirty politics and IT HAS WORKED.

For example, in 2012, Democrats won 1.4 MILLION more votes for the House of Representatives. But Republicans maintained a massive 234-201 majority. That’s absurd!

If we want to take back Congress, we NEED to stop the GOP’s shameful redistricting. President Obama knows that -- it’s why he’s making it his top priority in his post-Presidency life.

Add your name and thank President Obama for leading this fight →

Thanks for standing in solidarity,

- The Progressive Turnout Project


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