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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

LGBT discrimination should be ILLEGAL [sign if you agree]

1OO,OOO Co-Sponsors Needed: Sign to Support the Equality Act >>

The Equality Act is the civil rights bill of our generation. If it passes, it will build on all the progress we’ve made by guaranteeing basic civil rights protections for LGBT Americans.

But homophobic members of Congress REFUSE to bring this bill up for a vote.

Help end discrimination by signing on as a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Equality Act today:

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Right now, millions of gay and transgender Americans are at risk of getting fired from their jobs, evicted from their homes, and barred from public facilities -- simply because of who they are.

LGBT youth are facing brutal harassment and discrimination on a daily basis in their schools and workplaces. And right now, at least 17 states have tried or succeeded in passing anti-transgender legislation.

And sadly, it’s 100% legal.

We’re fighting to stop this -- but we need your help.

Help us extend civil rights protections to all LGBT Americans. Sign on as an official Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Equality Act today >>

The movement toward LGBT rights has seen so much progress over the last few years. But we can’t sit back until every American has full and equal protections under the law.

The Equality Act would address the massive loopholes in our legal system that protect bigots and homophobes who discriminate under the guise of religious freedom.

But with extremist right-wing conservatives controlling Congress, we have no chance of passing it without unprecedented grassroots support.

Listen, we’re asking you to be a part of history. With your help, we can make this the last generation to live without LGBT civil rights.

Help us extend civil rights protections to LGBT Americans: 

Click here to sign your name and become a Citizen Co-Sponsor of the Equality Act →

Let’s make history together,

Equality PAC


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