Sunday, April 23, 2017

[HELP] Jon Ossoff needs you >>


Here are the facts:

  • Jon Ossoff came in FIRST in Georgia’s Special Election. He beat his Republican opponent by more than 25%.
  • But his 48.1% of the vote was JUST short of the 50% he needed to win.
  • Now Ossoff is going into a long and expensive runoff election against a Trump-endorsed extremist.


If we’re going to flip this seat BLUE -- and deal Trump a devastating defeat -- we need every last one of our supporters to step up.

THIS IS URGENT. We need you to chip in ANYTHING YOU CAN to Jon Ossoff’s runoff campaign >>

Chip in $5 immediately >>
Chip in $35 immediately >>
Chip in $50 immediately >>
Chip in $100 immediately >>
Chip in $250 immediately >>
Or donate another amount >>

Republicans are TERRIFIED. Democrats were never supposed to come this close to winning in Georgia.

Now Donald Trump and Paul Ryan are going ALL IN to elect Jon’s opponent. The GOP is pouring MILLIONS into this race.


Listen, we know Jon can win. We know we can deal Trump a CRUSHING defeat. But only if Jon has the resources he needs to fight back.

Please do your part and donate to help elect Jon Ossoff:

No time to waste,

National Democratic Training Committee


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