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Friday, April 21, 2017

Deep State Controls Trump | Caitlyn Blames Ellen | The Scary Future of Shrinking Jobs

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TODAY'S TOP STORIES - April 21, 2017

The Shocking Reality of a Future of Shrinking Jobs

By Paul Buchheit, AlterNet

A stunning 94 percent of the 9 million new jobs created in the past decade were temp or contract-based gigs. READ MORE»

Senator Sycophant: Lindsey Graham Goes Full Donald

By Jefferson Morley, AlterNet

The elusive hope for a principled Republican dies in the fog of war. READ MORE»

Is the Deep State Our Only Control Over Trump?

By Robert Kuttner, The American Prospect

When you actually try to govern, reality has a way of pushing back. Who knew? READ MORE»

An Intimate Look at Some of the Recent Global Natural Weather Disasters

By Chellis Glendinning, AlterNet

Stan Cox and Paul Cox describe the destructive force of nature in the context of climate change. READ MORE»

Ellen Isn't Your Scapegoat: Caitlyn Jenner Has No One to Blame for Her Tarnished Public Image but Herself

By Nico Lang, Salon

In her memoir, "The Secrets of My Life," Jenner blames DeGeneres for her lack of LGBT fans. READ MORE»

Trump's Wacky Conspiracy Nut Pal Alex Jones Tries to Say He Is Just Pretending

By Todd Gitlin,

Jones' lawyer: He's not a deranged crackpot, he just plays one on the radio.  READ MORE»

Largest Charter School Chain in LA Raises Millions in Dark Money to Fight Union Drive, State Auditor Finds

By Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

Nearly $1 million in cash, $2.2 million in legal work. READ MORE»

Ditching O'Reilly Is Not Enough

By Adele M. Stan, The American Prospect

The real strike against a culture of sexual intimidation would be for British regulators to deny Fox's bid for a satellite company. READ MORE»

Why Protest? Answers for Discouraged Activists

By Ilana Novick, AlterNet

Dozens chime in on why resistance is necessary and burnout is worth overcoming. READ MORE»

We've Been Here Before: The Eerie Parallels Between World War I and Present-Day America

By Alexandra Rosenmann, AlterNet

A new PBS documentary examines the hidden figures of the Great War. READ MORE»

Why Trumpian Conspiracy Theories and Anti-Semitism Are Intimately Connected

By Talia Lavin, The Establishment

Our modern political climate has helped bolster the oldest conspiracy theory of all. READ MORE»

Roger Ailes' Fake News Empire: Former Fox News Head Presided Over a Panoply of Phony 'Sockpuppet' Blogs

By Matthew Sheffield, Salon

Former Fox News CEO paid for many deceptive sites, including leering blogs promoting female Fox personalities. READ MORE»

5 Reasons Our 'Sons' Need Feminism, Too

By Katherine DM Clover, Everyday Feminism

It takes all of us to dismantle the patriarchy. READ MORE»

Congrats, Graduates! Here's Your Diploma and Debt

By Chuck Collins, OtherWords

Forty-four million households now hold student debt. READ MORE»

The War on Drugs Is Racist, and Donald Trump Is Embracing It With Open Arms

By Steven W. Thrasher, The Guardian

Drugs have long been used to scapegoat blacks and Latinos. With Jeff Sessions doing Trump's bidding as attorney general, things will only get worse. READ MORE»

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