Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Protect Your Condo or Co-Op in Cold Weather

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Cold-weather storms cost billions in insured losses every year. Buying apartment insurance is one way to keep from getting left out in the cold.

Here are two ways that cold weather and storms can cause havoc:

1. A power outage caused by high winds, snow, or ice

The only thing worse than sitting in the dark during a power outage? Your microwave, TV, or refrigerator frying from the power surge once the juice comes back on line.

Gotham says: If your fridge loses power, apartment insurance has got you covered for $500 worth of food spoilage–that’s a lot of stir-fry!

2. Burst pipes from a deep freeze

Escaping to warmer weather for a weekend? Set the room thermostat to 60 degrees to avoid freezing pipes. And buy apartment insurance to make sure you’re covered.

Gotham says: While setting your thermostat to 60 degrees might seem wasteful, you’ll be consuming a lot more energy than that doing a renovation after water damage!

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