Wednesday, March 15, 2017

BUSTED: Trump campaign chair caught in a motel room with an underage boy

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White House consumed by paranoia and mistrust: 'Everybody actually is out to get everyone else'

'Painfully obvious': Scarborough accuses of Trump of 'leaking good tax' return to distract from Russia hearings

BUSTED: Trump campaign chair caught in a motel room with an underage boy

‘They can’t afford it’: CNN’s Jim Acosta stupefies Sean Spicer with facts about millions losing care

MSNBC's Mika appalled at how Trump has to be treated like a child: Lawmakers are ‘parenting the president’

Palm Beach may slap Mar-a-Lago with big tax to pay for ‘devastating’ cost of Trump’s weekend trips

‘Why is it taking so long?’: Lindsey Graham calls out Trump for delay in providing ‘wiretap’ proof

'The pope's wrong': Creationist Ken Ham rails against Francis over science and atheism

Sen. Joe Manchin warns Trump: Your supporters will know who took away their health care

Dan Savage's hate for Melania Trump continues

’The timing is pretty curious, no?’: CNN’s Chris Cuomo wonders whether Trump released taxes as distraction

West Virginia Republicans want to gut mine safety rules as Trump looks to loosen federal standards

James Comey to confirm Wednesday if FBI is investigating Trump campaign’s ties to Russia: CNN

‘The most optimistic guy in the Donner party’: Colbert ridicules Ryan’s glee at millions losing health insurance

Trump’s tax returns show he paid less than 4 percent tax rate plus AMT in 2005: report

David Cay Johnston speculates Trump emailed him the tax documents as a distraction

‘All words and no action’: Shep Smith stunned GOP still has ‘absolutely no plan’ for Obamacare

White House accuses MSNBC of violating the law over Maddow Trump tax reveal

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