Saturday, January 21, 2017

Fwd: Designing the Next Generation of Condom Packaging

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There is a real need to make a next generation condom that is easier to use, stigma-free, and more visually appealing, but the product is tightly controlled by government guidelines. So what can condoms teach us about design, creativity, and entrepreneurship in a field where innovation faces a regulatory roadblock? Turns out, quite a lot. Because when you all but can't change the actual product, you're forced to rethink everything around it. Full Article.

Approximately 70 percent of us will come up against a period of self-doubt at least once in our lives. Here are five strategies to rebuild your confidence. Full Article.

Editor's Pick: Today, creative studio DKNG is on the precipice of the design industry's own version of the hit record. Whether it's their nontraditional, transparent approach to marketing their business or the steady expansion of their client base and offerings, Dan and Nathan are getting a second chance at stardom. Here the duo shares what it takes to build a small design studio, one where you have all the control, but also all of the burdens of running a business. Full Article.
From the archives: Reinvention is a tough, but necessary, part of any creative career. Too often we see people at the triumphant end of their reinvention, but rarely do we get to speak with someone struggling to figure out their next move. Which is why Shantell Martin, a former Tokyo VJ turned New York drawer turned West Coast maker, is a perfect analog for our ever-changing world. Full Article.

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