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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Friday the 13th needs a little MAYHEM

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Friday the 13th needs a little MAYHEM

Friday the 13th brings Shudder's second week of Mayhem to a close, one fueled by slashers, giallo and the undead.

We kicked off with CEMETERY MAN director Michele Soavi's feature debut, STAGEFRIGHT. A stylish late 80s giallo, STAGEFRIGHT sees an escaped killer target the troupe of actors putting on a jazz hands production about his very slayings. Shudder stayed in Italy with Argento's Hitchcockian THE CAT O' NINE TAILS, his post-CRYSTAL PLUMAGE gialli starring Karl Malden as a blind man investigating murder. On Wednesday, we brought you RAMMBOCK, Marvin Kren's fresh, brisk take on the modern zombie story. Intimate and moving, RAMMBOCK is one of our essential, yet under-seen, contemporary zombie movies.

While Spring is in, we went on Fall Break this week with the gore-heavy cult favorite, THE MUTILATOR, now re-discovered, restored and fully uncut. The blood stays spilling into this weekend with J.R. Bookwalter's beloved THE DEAD NEXT DOOR, the Raimi-produced, Super 8-shot ghoulfest from 1990.

Get watching, because next week, some fearsome femmes are coming to get you.

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Released this week


Monday - Stagefright

A serial killer stalks the cast of a play based on his gruesome murders in this stylish and scary Italian slasher. When an injury brings a cast member to a doctor at a nearby mental hospital, an evil patient hitches a ride back to the theater in her trunk. Before long, the cast find themselves locked in the theater, where the killer—wearing an eerie owl mask—begins staging their horrific death scenes, one by one.

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Tuesday - The Cat O' Nine Tails

In Dario Argento's fearsome follow-up to THE BIRD WITH THE CRYSTAL PLUMAGE, a blind man (Karl Malden) and a reporter (James Franciscus) investigate a series of slayings connected to a secret genetic facility. The sleuths quickly narrow it down to nine suspects, including the institute head's beautiful daughter. But each time they get close to solving the crimes, the killer strikes again.

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Wednesday - Rammbock: Berlin Undead

A zombie outbreak in Berlin hits just as freshly dumped Michael arrives at his ex-girlfriend Gabi's doorstep, hoping to win her back. But after Gabi's neighbors rapidly transform into rage-filled flesheaters, Michael and a teenage plumber team up in an attempt to escape the infested building, outwit the undead, and find Gabi before it's too late.

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Thursday - The Mutilator

In this sickening slice of '80s slasher fun, a homicidal hunter lures his estranged son to his beach house, then starts killing the poor kid's friends with an array of deadly devices. It's all part of a deranged vengeance aimed at Ed Jr., who accidentally killed his mother while attempting to clean his father's gun collection as a child. As the night drags on, Big Ed uses steel hooks, axes and even an outboard motor to play the most dangerous game with the confused co-eds.

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Friday - The Dead Next Door

In this low-budget love letter to zombie flicks, a government police squad must protect scientists developing a cure after a zombie epidemic begins. When one of their own is bitten, the pressure only intensifies. But a cult that believes zombies are god's will are determined to prevent a cure from being found. Director J.W. Bookwalter spent four years shooting this wild Romero-meets-Raimi homage on Super-8 film, aided by Raimi himself, who served as executive producer.

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This week on Shudder.TV Premium: Crucial killers

This week, slash your way through Shudder.TV Premium, with a playlist that runs the spectrum and travels the globe in search of madmen, madwomen and their one-track mind victims.

In celebration of our latest additions, THE MUTILATOR and STAGEFRIGHT, we've put together a lineup of crucial kills and underrated undertakers. Catch favorites like A BAY OF BLOOD and SLEEPAWAY CAMP, and catch up with the likes of COLD PREY and DREAM HOME. And of course, much more.

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