Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Democratic Leadership Is Missing In Action

The Nation

NATION DAILY: May 31, 2016

Democratic Leadership Is Missing In Action on Mass Incarceration

Sentencing reform will be a compromise between moderate and conservative Republicans, unless Democrats finally come to the table.

Inimai M. Chettiar, Ames Grawert
A New Campaign to Hold Wall Street Accountable Emerges

Take on Wall Street sets the stage for the next wave of financial reform.  


Katrina vanden Heuvel

This Lawsuit Against Domino's Could Be Huge for Workers

The New York attorney general's wage-theft suit could pave the way for unionizing workplaces across different owner-operators.


Michelle Chen

Obama's Powerful Call to 'Make War Less Likely and Cruelty Less Easily Accepted'

Speaking in Hiroshima, the president channels Eisenhower's urging to take "the chance for a just peace for all peoples."


John Nichols

Confronting the Resource Curse and Civil War in the Congo

The depictions of Congolese humanity and pain in "When Elephants Fight," a new documentary, make it necessary viewing for Westerners.


John Knefel

Still Selling Neoliberal Unicorns: US Applauds Coup in Brazil, Calls It Democracy

Washington now has compliant compradores in power in Argentina and Brazil—and perhaps soon in Venezuela.


Greg Grandin

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