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Style over everything
Style Over Everything
Why the key to getting commissions and hired full-time isn't artistic perfection — it's artistic expression. Full Article
3D artist Nick Campbell (aka Greyscalegorilla) built his career and small business by giving away his knowledge for free
He explains why (and why it worked). Full Article
dont follow your passion
The Many, Many Problems with Follow Your Passion
Instead of passion, focus on mastery and how good you can be at a specific career. Full Article.
eric quint 3M
What It's Like to Be a Designer at a Global Company
3M's head of design Eric Quint, on translating the empathy you have for your customers to your colleagues. Full Article.
how to vacation as a freelancer
How Not to Lose Money When You're Not Working
Summer is coming, which means vacations. They're a double-edged sword for freelancers who might not get paid during that time. Safeguard your income by utilizing these tips to keep the Benjamins flowing.  Full Article.
yuko interview
Illustrator Yuko Shimizu left the PR world to chase her passion for drawing
In this 99U interview, she explains how she made the jump to working independently and why it's important for her to turn down assignments that aren't the right fit. Full Article.
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