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Thursday, February 18, 2016


<center>if charlie parker was a gunslinger,<br>there'd be a whole lot of dead copycats</center>

Who wants yesterday's world? #1

Posted: 17 Feb 2016 09:04 PM PST

Double Hemisphere Map
(Jean Baptiste Nolinc; 1755)

When Legends Gather #868

Posted: 17 Feb 2016 09:03 PM PST

Dinah Shore and Gail Patrick

American Dance Orchestras of the 1920s #26

Posted: 17 Feb 2016 09:02 PM PST

Carroll Dickerson's Savoyagers

Artists in Action #878

Posted: 17 Feb 2016 09:01 PM PST

Frank Zappa sits by his work

Around the World with W. Robert Moore #9

Posted: 17 Feb 2016 09:00 PM PST

Warriors make a mock charge with sticks during a performance
(Democratic Republic of the Congo; 1952)

We Are the Authorities on the Mind! #1

Posted: 17 Feb 2016 07:36 PM PST

The Founder imparts crucial Dianetic research to a collected audience.

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