Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Pliny Stebbins's birthday is Dec 16

 I send loving wishes to a constant friend.  My first memory of him is as the kid with tight curly hair--red, of course, who was sitting with his cousin Timmy Allen down front at the Champ theater on a saturday afternoon in...If I have to guess, I'll say...1954.
~ Terry

The witch that came (the withered hag)
To wash the steps with pail and rag
Was once the beauty Abishag,

The picture pride of Hollywood.
Too many fall from great and good
For you to doubt the likelihood.

Die early and avoid the fate.
Or if predestined to die late,
Make up your mind to die in state.

Make the whole stock exchange your own!
If need be occupy a throne,
Where nobody can call you crone.

Some have relied on what they knew,
Others on being simply true.
What worked for them might work for you.

No memory of having starred
Atones for later disregard
Or keeps the end from being hard.

Better to go down dignified
With boughten friendship at your side
Than none at all. Provide, provide!

~ Robert Frost

Pliny Stebbins's birthday on Dec 16

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