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Wednesday, December 9, 2015


PETITION: Call out NRA-funded Republicans to take action on gun violence >>

Friends -- so far in 2015, there have been over 350 mass shootings.

It’s no coincidence Republicans in Congress refuse to act. The NRA is one of the MOST powerful special interest groups in the country. And they’re exploiting the Citizens United decision to wield more power than ever.

Here are the facts:

  • The NRA’s political spending has TRIPLED since the Citizens United decision in 2010.[1]
  • In 2014 alone, the NRA spent nearly $30 MILLION to influence elections -- nearly all of it to elect Republicans.
  • The NRA has received over $10 million from the Koch Brothers’ network since Citizens United.

It’s heartbreaking to think about. Every day -- in towns like Roseburg, Colorado Springs, and San Bernardino -- gun violence tears families apart. All while Congress does nothing.

Sign if you agree it’s time for NRA-backed Republicans to take action on gun violence >>

The NRA has virtually the entire Republican Party in their pocket.

And every time Democrats try to bring up measures to prevent gun violence, NRA-backed Republicans block them.

Just this month, the Senate GOP voted down widely supported gun violence prevention amendments -- including universal background checks and a ban to stop terrorist suspects from buying guns.[2]

We can’t stand by while Congress puts the interests of the gun lobby ahead of the safety of the American public.

PETITION: Tell Republicans to ignore the NRA and pass new gun safety rules >>

Make no mistake -- the NRA’s money is on the mind of every single Republican blocking gun violence prevention measures.

By overturning Citizens United, and wiping unlimited money from the political sphere, we can drastically decrease the power of the NRA.

When politicians don’t have unlimited money pushing them around, they’ll listen to the people.

And the people of America support commonsense gun legislation. Sign your name if you are one of them:

Together we can do this,

-the entire End Citizens United team


[1] Common Cause, “5 Facts You Didn’t Know About The NRA’s Political Spending” - December 7, 2015
[2] POLITICO, “Gun measures fail in Senate” - December 3, 2015

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