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Saturday, December 19, 2015

Bernie Sanders Stymied by His Own Party | Obama's 2 Biggest Mistakes | How Trump Conquered the Religious Right

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TODAY'S TOP STORIES - December 19, 2015

Why Is the Democratic Party Blocking Bernie's Access to Voter Data?

Steven Rosenfeld, AlterNet

As the DNC and Sanders accuse each other of data theft, one wonders if anyone was spying on Bernie's base? READ MORE»

There Have Been Zero Terror Attacks in the U.S. by People Radicalized by ISIS Through Social Media

Adam Johnson, AlterNet

Talk of censoring free speech on social media omits the fact that social media didn't radicalize any of the recent attackers. READ MORE»

Brave New Food: GEs and Clones Make Their Way to American Dinner Tables

Martha Rosenberg, CounterPunch

The BBC reports that cloned products have been in the U.S. food supply for years. READ MORE»

WATCH: Jimmy Kimmel Calls Out Donald Trump's Xenophobia to His Face

By Sarah Burris, Salon

"Isn't it un-American and wrong to discriminate on religion?" Kimmel asked the GOP frontrunner. READ MORE»

The Two Big Political Mistakes of Obama's Presidency

By David Morris, AlterNet

Obama could have stunted the emergence of the right-wing populist movement if he had pursued an aggressive populist strategy of his own. READ MORE»

Robert Reich: How to Deal With Your Right-Wing Uncle Bob This Christmas

By Robert Reich,

Here's a helpful holiday guide. READ MORE»

How Trump Smashed the Religious Right's Recipe to Sway the GOP Primaries

By Sarah Posner, Religion Dispatches

While still drawing significant support from evangelicals, the GOP frontrunner continues to expose rifts within the religious right. READ MORE»

Starbucks' Deforestation-Free Pledge Is a Total Joke

By Elliot Negin, The Huffington Post

Starbucks needs to smell its own coffee and wake up. READ MORE»

Congress Makes Two Major Stealth Moves to Reform the Drug War

By Phillip Smith, AlterNet

The omnibus spending bill approved by Congress includes important drug reform provisions, but not everything activists were looking for. READ MORE»

Florida Student Suing to Fight Schools' Biblical Attack on Evolution

By Bethania Palma Markus, Raw Story

Brandon Silver may only be 11, but he joined his attorney dad in suing the Palm Beach County school board. READ MORE»

The KKK Has Infiltrated U.S. Police Departments for Decades

By Justin Gardner, The Free Thought Project

During the Civil Rights movement, one of the KKK's first orders was to infiltrate police departments around the country. READ MORE»

The Real Reason Why So Many People Go Nuts for Star Wars

By Patti McCarthy, The Conversation

George Lucas' intergalactic saga taps into the storytelling devices that have structured myths and religious tales for centuries. READ MORE»

HBO's 'Girls': 13 of the Most Cringe-Worthy Sex Scenes

By Jenny Kutner, Salon

The show has broken so many barriers displaying sexuality on TV, but that doesn't mean we always enjoyed watching. READ MORE»

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