Thursday, December 10, 2015

7 GOP Hypocrites Freak Out About Trump | Chomsky Vs. Islamophobe Sam Harris | 8 Signs Drug War Is Crashing

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TODAY'S TOP STORIES - December 9, 2015

Party in a Panic! 7 GOP Hypocrites Freak Out About Trump

Janet Allon, AlterNet

We are witnessing a party in full-blown apoplexy. READ MORE»

The People Are Rising Up Against the Destructive Drug War: 8 Key Developments

Phillip Smith, AlterNet

The country is wrapping its head around marijuana legalization and making progress on broader drug war issues, too. READ MORE»

Noam Chomsky versus Islamophobe Sam Harris: Has the New Atheist Movement Been Hijacked by Bigots?

Ben Norton, Salon

In his anti-Muslim jihad, "New Atheist" prophet Sam Harris openly aligns with far-right politicians like Ben Carson. READ MORE»

Muslim Super Stars Who Helped Shaped America

By Stuart Jeffries, The Guardian

Donald Trump wants Muslims banned from entering the US – but without them the country would be a much poorer place. READ MORE»

Chi-raq, Lysistrata: 10 Real Life Sex Strikes that Generated Lots of Action

By Anna Pulley, AlterNet

Throughout history, women have used sex to force social change. READ MORE»

WATCH: Muslim Store Owner in Tears After He’s Beaten by New York Man on Mission to ‘Kill Muslims’

By David Edwards, Raw Story

Fatima Food Mart owner Sarker Haque told WPIX that the man came into his store on Saturday and began punching him. READ MORE»

Inequality Is Now Killing Middle America

By Joseph Stiglitz, The Guardian

Life expectancy is now declining for middle-aged white Americans, especially those with a high school education or less. READ MORE»

YouTube Becomes Israel’s New Battleground Against Palestinians

By Jonathan Cook, AlterNet

Netanyahu claims Palestinian videos spur other Palestinians to carry out attacks. READ MORE»

The Surprising Truth About Saturated Fat

By Adda Bjarnadóttir, Authority Nutrition

Are our dietary guidelines all wrong? READ MORE»

Police Chief Gets $260K Golden Parachute After Covering Up His Own Drunken Hit and Run

By William N. Grigg, The Free Thought Project

Drunk driving can be tremendously profitable — as long as the irresponsible part is protected by 'qualified immunity.' READ MORE»


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