Monday, August 31, 2015

What a Band of 20th Century Alabama Communists Can Teach Today's Activists

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Subject: What a Band of 20th Century Alabama Communists Can Teach Today's Activists

NATION DAILY: August 31, 2015

What a Band of 20th Century Alabama Communists Can Teach Black Lives Matter and the Offspring of Occupy

On the 25th anniversary of the groundbreaking history, Hammer and Hoe, author Robin D.G. Kelley discusses the lessons Alabama's forgotten black communists can offer today's activists.

Sarah Jaffe
The Trailer for 'Concussion' Should Give Roger Goodell Night Sweats

The forthcoming film Concussion, starring Will Smith, is coming for the NFL.


Dave Zirin

After the Iran Deal: How to Make the Most of the Next 15 Years

If the US wants to make the Iran deal stick, we have to face up to our broken nuclear promises.


Alice Slater

This Labor Ruling Could Give a Big Boost to the Fight For 15

The National Labor Relations Board just gave "outsourced" workers a new tool to hold employers accountable.


Michelle Chen

Martin O'Malley Declares That the Democratic Debate Schedule Is 'Rigged'

A Democratic contender objects that the deck is stacked to help Hillary Clinton.


John Nichols

Former Residents of New Orleans's Demolished Housing Projects Tell Their Stories

When public housing was demolished post-Katrina, black women were especially hard hit. A new report examines what their lives look like now.


Dani McClain

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Family Is A Bitch When It Comes To Money (2)
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Donald Trump Gives Wildly Entertaining Speech in Nashville, TN (8-2...
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Right Side Radio
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Camille Huysmans en Jan Moedwil "De droom van bombardone" 1944 BBC
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Jozef Sterkens
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Popular Music from the year 1929 - 10 songs
14 hours ago  •  68 views
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Gentrification in Detroit - Remarks from Abayomi Azikiwe
4 days ago  •  38 views
Caleb Maupin
Mexico: Impunity and Profits
1 day ago  •  254 views
Al Jazeera America
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Россия повторит судьбу СССР из-за нефтяного кризиса?
3 days ago  •  3,339 views
On The Record: Warren Segment 2
14 hours ago  •  37 views
WCVB Channel 5 Boston
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Juggalo Psypher - Gathering of the Juggalos 2015
2 days ago  •  8,692 views
Psychopathic Records
10 hours ago  •  287,084 views
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Sunday, August 30, 2015

One love, one Vimeo

Click forth and we'll demonstrate how simple it is to make an oh-so-meaningful connection through moving images...
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Hello, fellow humans.
One of the things we dig most about the Internet is that it lets us hang out with a whole bunch of different people all over the world — ones we might not encounter otherwise. And that's pretty neat. After all, helping humans connect with other humans via video is kind of our M.O.

Scroll forth and we'll demonstrate how simple it is to make an oh-so-meaningful connection through moving images...
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If you’re like us, you probably have bunches of videos stuck on your phone. Time to unstick them! Our website and free apps make it easy to upload and share videos with pals.
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We've now added Korean and Brazilian Portuguese versions of our website to help make Vimeo as wonderful as possible for even more humans. And more languages are on the way!
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A blog for every Vimean
A blog for every Vimean
Our blog has always been dedicated to sharing helpful news and advice with our community. And now, we’ve got additional words for pros, businesses, and video sellers, too.
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Crash Test
Crash Test
LOL along with Rob Huebel, Paul Scheer, Aziz Ansari, and other UCB grads on the party-bus adventure of a lifetime in this comedy special that takes improvised standup to the streets.
Take a plummet through Chamonix, Rio, Bangkok, and more as renowned BASE jumpers Jokke Sommer, Espen Fadnes, and Ludovic Woerth strap into their wingsuits and travel the world.
The Food Lab
The Food Lab
Delve into the complex science behind everyday cooking with Serious Eat’s beloved J. Kenji López-Alt, along with food journalist Katie Quinn, in a video spin-off of his popular online column.
Whatever your modus operandi, we hope you’ll share a video with someone special today. Or even just the next person you see.


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