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Thursday, May 14, 2015

Windows 10 Eliminates the Need to Ever Reinstall Windows on New PCs

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Warez refers to pirated commercial software that has been cracked (altered) in order to deactivate or work around the built-in registration and/or copy protection features.

Warez can also refer to other pirated content such as games, movies, console games, music, e-books, etc.

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How to Set the Default Short and Long Date and Time Formats Used in Word

Inserting the date and time that automatically updates into a document can be useful. There are many formats for the date and time from which you can choose on the "Date and Time" dialog box, and you can control which formats for each are available.

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Bloatware Banished: Windows 10 Eliminates the Need to Ever Reinstall Windows on New PCs

Geeks often immediately reinstall Windows on their new PCs to get a completely clean system. Thanks to a change in Windows 10, you can get a fresh copy of Windows on any PC without downloading an ISO file and reinstalling Windows.

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How to Enable Parental Controls on the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick

Amazon likes to tout how their Fire TV is the fastest media streamer on the market. What they really should be touting, however, is how the Fire TV offers the most comprehensive parental protections and kid-friendly content around. Read on as we show you how to take advantage of both.

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How to Bypass or Completely Disable the Start Screen in Office Applications

When you launch an Office program, a start screen displays showing available templates and a list of documents recently opened in the left column. This screen can be helpful, but if you find it annoying or distracting, you can easily disable it.

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Have a Cable Subscription? Take Advantage of "TV Everywhere" Services

Online streaming services are usually considered an alternative to pricey cable subscriptions for cord cutters. But TV networks have been trying to change that for years, and they've released more and more services that give you free access to on-demand video if you have a cable subscription.

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