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Thursday, May 21, 2015

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New Today -- 21 May 2015


Britain's anti-terror law and the global assault on democratic rights

There is no serious opposition within the ruling elite internationally to the abandonment of democratic procedures and implementation of police state measures.

News & Analysis

Token fines for banks caught rigging foreign exchange markets

Wednesday's announcement was further confirmation that the US and international financial aristocracy is above the law.

Poroshenko says Ukraine is at war with Russia

EU approves military operation against Mediterranean refugees

German police officer accused of torturing refugees

Online video exposes French police violence against migrants in Calais

Los Angeles City Council moves to raise minimum wage

US prepares to challenge China in the South China Sea

US brings charges of economic espionage against six Chinese engineers and businessmen

Greek health workers, journalists, pensioners strike against austerity

Supreme Court sides with San Francisco police officers who shot mentally ill woman

New details undermine police account of deadly shootout in Waco, Texas

Macedonia conflict threatens to destabilise whole of Balkans

Australian budget boosts spending on war and surveillance

India's Modi woos and warns China


Sidney Blumenthal, Clinton, Inc. and the rape of Libya

"Frontline" broadcast documents CIA torture program

Workers Struggles

German train drivers launch new strikes

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