Thursday, February 19, 2015

Use Manual Refresh to Save Battery Life on Any Tablet or Smartphone

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Don't Buy Lenovo, They Pre-Install Malware

The news just came to light that Lenovo is pre-installing the Superfish adware on all their consumer PCs. This adware inserts itself into your browser no matter what browser you are using, and puts extra ads everywhere.

But the really bad part is that Superfish replaces the root certificates so that all HTTPS browsing is actually going through their own proxy, no matter what site you are on. Since the private key is also available, anybody with a recent Lenovo is subject to Man-In-The-Middle attacks, and can't trust the green lock in the address bar, because Superfish replaces the certificates for everybody.

People who are concerned their PC may contain this critical vulnerability can check at This website was created by a well-known security researcher.

Whatever you do, don't buy Lenovo.

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RTW (short for Release To Web, a.k.a Web Release) refers to software that is ready for release to the public directly from the Internet.

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Use Manual Refresh to Save Battery Life on Any Tablet or Smartphone

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4 Quick Ways to See a PC Game's FPS (Frames Per Second)

It's easier than ever to find a PC game's FPS. Steam now offers a built-in FPS display, and so does NVIDIA via its GeForce Experience software. Fraps is still around to display this for other games — and many games have this built-in, too.

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