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Saturday, February 21, 2015

Pigs Fly! Walmart Does The Right Thing

On Feb 21, 2015 11:02 AM, "Robert Greenwald, Brave New Films" <> wrote:
Brave New Films
Dear Terry --

A decade ago we partnered with more than 100 groups to make a film about the atrocious business practices of Walmart. Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price would change people's minds about the retail giant. Labor unions, school organizations, workers rights groups, and communities used the film to organize and now over a million people have seen the film. 


A decade later we see another concrete win! On Thursday Walmart announced they would give raises to half a million workers by raising their wage to at least $9.00 an hour.

We congratulate them on this victory - and stand in solidarity with them to keep the fight alive.

Because we all know that $9.00 is not enough. A living wage in most places is closer to $15 dollars an hour.

Perhaps a step in the right direction, but as the largest private employer in America that makes billions in annual revenue, Walmart must do more.


Robert Greenwald, President 
Brave New Films 

P.S. If you like our work and Walmart: The High Cost of Low Price please consider supporting us with a donation.

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