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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Courthouse Records (3 stories)

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Spencer - February 11, 2015

Courthouse Records

Colleen Ahearn , 24, of 36 Cherry St., Spencer, charged with driving negligently, continued without a finding for 4 months, ordered to attend a half-day Brains at Risk program a... - Read More

Snow crushes vacant Auburn building, ...

Snow crushes vacant Auburn building, threatens to take down house in Spencer

A former sports center in Auburn collapsed before 6 a.m. Tuesday under the weight of snow and will need to be torn down. Auburn Fire Chief Stephen M. Coleman Jr. said firefighte... - Read More

Spencer police have items believed taken in car break-ins, seek owners

Police hope to do some matchmaking this week, but it has nothing to do with Valentine's Day. Instead, Detective James J. Murray and Sgt. - Read More

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