Tuesday, January 6, 2015

The next 2 years:

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Remember when Republicans promised to support progressive-sounding policies on the campaign trail? I do.

They told women that Republicans actually wanted to make it easier to get birth control (as if they haven't been constantly fighting to do exactly the opposite). And, neatly conflating "support" with "oppose at every possible turn," the national Republican Party told Americans that every one of its members supports equal pay.

Well, now Republicans are taking over Congress, and we're going to make sure they're held accountable to every progressive promise they made. Add your name to tell Republicans on Capitol Hill that we're going to remember their promises to support issues like equal pay and access to birth control.

Democrats may have fallen short at the ballot box last year, but our policies didn't. Voters in five states — and we're talking Nebraska and South Dakota here — voted to increase the minimum wage. They rejected anti-choice "personhood" legislation in Colorado. Four paid sick leave initiatives passed, which will help American workers keep themselves and their families healthy without losing their jobs.

Americans want a Congress focused on good jobs and fixing an economy tilted against workers — not anti-choice attacks. Republicans knew that during the election, and we're going to make sure they don't forget it now that they're in charge.

Tell Republicans that we want Congress to be on the side of American women and families — not corporations and special interests — for the next two years.

Thanks for speaking out,

Jess McIntosh
Communications Director, EMILY's List


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