Thursday, January 29, 2015

Still Not Free

News & Views | 01.28.15


  Race, Domestic Abuse and a Warning Shot: Marissa Alexander Released From Prison, But Still Not Free
by Nadia Prupis
Case illuminates 'many ills in our justice system,' activist says.


  Revealed: Canadian Spy Program Illustrates 'Giant X-Ray Machine Over All Our Digital Lives'
by Jon Queally
Latest revelation from Snowden archive shows CSE has been monitoring, analyzing, and tracking millions of people who utilize popular file-sharing websites.
  In Torture Report Face-Off, ACLU Fights GOP Repo Man
by Deirdre Fulton
If the White House gives in to Sen. Richard Burr's demands, civil rights group says it 'faces the real threat of never securing the release of a document to which it is entitled by law.'
  Targeting of Homes an 'Appalling Hallmark' of Israel's Summer Attack on Gaza
by Andrea Germanos
New report from Israeli human rights group finds the deadly attacks had official backing.
  Obama Cements Ties With New Saudi King, Who's Already Overseen Four Beheadings
by Sarah Lazare
Critics slam U.S. for silence on human rights abuses of unelected House of Saud.
  Amid Gas Drilling Boom, Investigators Warn of Systemic Pipeline Safety Hazards
by Lauren McCauley
Accidents involving 'high consequence area pipelines,' where people or buildings are more likely to be impacted, have increased in recent years.
  In Response To Attacks, Sweeping Data Collection To Be Proposed for EU Airports
by Deirdre Fulton, staff writer
Of the proposal's alleged privacy protections, civil liberties advocate says: 'It is a joke. They are not safeguards.'
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  Marissa Alexander’s Release Isn’t Enough
by Nita Chaudhary, Rashad Robinson
Marissa’s case plainly tells us that we value the lives of domestic violence survivors less than their abusers.
  Can Capitalism Save Itself?
by Gary Olson
The challenge for panicky plutocrats and their wholly-owned politicians is to convince the 99.0% that capitalism is the answer, not the problem.
  Take Cuba Off the Terrorist List
by Medea Benjamin
Of the world’s 196 countries, only four are included: Iran, Sudan, Syria….and Cuba.
  Fracking with Our Food: And 7 Other Reasons California Should Ban Toxic Drilling
by Josh Healey
As part of the extreme energy process known as fracking, big oil companies are shooting dozens of hazardous chemicals into America's most productive farmland, the San Joaquin Valley in central California.
  Pull Yourself Up by Your Bread Bags
by Marjorie Elizabeth Wood
The rules are stacked against most of us.
  The Corporate Takeover of Ukrainian Agriculture
by Frederic Mousseau
It is similarly unclear how Ukrainians will benefit from this wave of foreign investment in their agriculture, and what impact these investments will have on the seven million local farmers.
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