Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Koch Brothers At Your Alma Mater

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Subject: Koch Brothers At Your Alma Mater
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Brave New Films
Dear Terry,

The Koch Brothers are heading back to school at a university near you!

Donate $10 to sponsor a screening of Koch Brothers Exposed at a university that takes money from the brothers.
This semester the Koch Family Foundation is going back to school at a record number of universities. They are now associated with 290 universities throughout the country, many of which take their money in exchange for their extreme ideology being taught to students.

Is your school or alma mater on the list of Koch funded colleges and universities? Help us make sure students know the real story of the Kochs, not the one they are paying for.

We all know the Koch Brothers love to hire "experts" who spew their ideology and present "facts" with absolutely no empirical evidence. And we know they buy politicians to create legislation that supports their extreme libertarian beliefs that the rich should pay less tax, minimum wage should be abolished, and climate change is a figment of our imaginations. Now the Koch Brothers are using their money to influence higher education curriculums.

Help us get the truth about the Kochs to students.

Donate $10 to sponsor a screening of Koch Brothers Exposed at a Koch-funded university.

Make sure students get to see the truth about the Koch Brothers. Join us to fight back and let colleges know that we can't afford to have them addicted to Koch!

Thanks for stepping up to take them down! 

Regina Clemente, Director of Campaigns 
Brave New Films

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