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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Guess how many add-ons you’ve downloaded

Plus get smart on privacy in 4 easy steps
Firefox + You
January 2015
Firefox Add-ons top 4 billion downloads
Thanks to an impressive suite of add-ons, the ability to customize Firefox is one of the reasons it's the independent browser of choice for so many people. The proof is in numbers:

» 18,000 add-ons available
» 369,000 browser themes in the library
» $634,000 donated to developers since 2009, when we started record‑keeping
» 4,000,000,000 add-ons downloaded!

That's a lot of personalization! Three cheers to all of the developers who have contributed their time and talent to the amazing add-ons resource and to all of you who are actively using it. Check out the latest add-ons and add some fresh features to your Firefox today.
Get smart on privacy
The Internet provides countless ways for us to connect, share and play on a daily basis. At the same time, living online can open our personal information to others in ways we don't realize and might not want.

At Mozilla, the non-profit behind Firefox, empowering people to be in control of their online lives is an important part of our mission. Check out these four easy steps from Mozilla to help you get smart and take control of your privacy.
Sharing from Firefox just got easier
Being online is all about sharing, and the latest version of Firefox makes it super easy. Start by clicking the paper airplane icon to select your networks: social media services, cloud bookmarking, music, personalized news and more. With no software or downloads needed, this new feature will be ready when you click the icon from any website you want to share.

One last thing, it only works on the latest version of Firefox, so make sure you're all up to date. Now go forth and share!
This Month's Features
Featured add-ons of the month
Arrange your add-on icons, organize your bookmarks and block nosy trackers.
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Fashions for your browser
Give your browser a new look for the new year.
Try on a new theme »
Today's Tips
Search suggestions give your results a boost.
Turn on search suggestions »
Simple tips make you a smarter user.
Here's how to copy and paste in Firefox for Android »
Firefox Health Check
Keep your Firefox healthy
Be sure you have the latest, greatest and most secure version of Firefox.
     Firefox For Desktop     
     Firefox For Android     
Check your plugins
Keep them up to date to help Firefox run safely and smoothly.
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Need Help?
Check out Mozilla Support for assistance with products and services.
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Firefox for Android
Flexible and fast, with features you'll love.
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Principles that guide our mission to promote openness, innovation & opportunity on the Web.
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