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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


We haven't done an inventory of out Google Blogger Pages in quite a while, so I suppose it's about time to do so.  For whatever reason, the blogging that we began more than eight years ago to be a nexus with which to share and communicate photos and stories with family members has, over time, become 12 separate pages, each with a more or less general theme. We've used a lot of latitude and I hope to be a more disciplined manager going forward.
As of now, the pages and the amount of posts to each are as follows.
1. TQ NEWS          3,097          
2. TQ ARTS             928
3. TAO OF TQ       3,005
4. TQ PIX               2,012
5. TQ YAYAS        3,400
6. TQ CULT               196
7. TQ RETRO         2,839
8. TQ OPS                  133
9. TQ RED                  956
10 TQ FLIX                123  
11 TQ NFL                   47
12 LAST TQ               109
                               16,845  Making this Inventory the 16,846th posting.
Tomorrow I'll get a readout of the amount of pageviews, which passed one million over a year ago.

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