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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Torture: The 'Ruthless' Brutality of Bush Era

News & Views | 12.09.14


  Senate CIA Torture Report Details 'Ruthless' Brutality of Bush Era
by Jon Queally
Senate Intelligence Committee's report says CIA abuse violated 'U.S. law, treaty obligations, and our values.' Journalists, experts and human rights advocates say that torture program under the Bush administration was systematically orchestrated by top officials.


  ACLU Head's 'Pardon Bush' Op-Ed Sparks Controversy
by Lauren McCauley
ACLU director publishes controversial op-ed reasoning that presidential pardon for torturers only way to end government torture
  People's Summit in Lima Envisions Bottom-Up Movement for Global Climate Justice
by Sarah Lazare
Alternative gathering outside of UN talks brings together civil societies and social movements from across the globe.
  'The Alarm Bells are Ringing': From Athletes to Environmentalists, a Universal Call for Racial Justice Emerges
by Lauren McCauley
While the protests over deaths of Eric Garner and Mike Brown refuse to stand down, leading environmentalists, labor protesters and others show their solidarity saying: "These issues are not separate."
  As US Occupation Drags on, Afghanistan Suffering at Record High
by Andrea Germanos
Afghans' ratings of their own lives hit new low
  Supreme Court Orders BP to Pay Up
by Sarah Lazare
Oil giant's challenge to settlement is just latest effort to avoid paying claims to victims of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon spill
  Israel's Attacks on Gaza Buildings This Summer Amount to War Crimes: Amnesty International
by Andrea Germanos
Findings 'indicate that the attacks were a collective punishment against the people of Gaza'
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  Why the Founding Fathers Thought Banning Torture Foundational to the US Constitution
by Juan Cole
"We know what the Founding Fathers believed. They believed in universal rights. And they believed in basic principles of human dignity. Above all, they did not think the government had the prerogative of behaving as it pleased. It doesn’t have the prerogative to torture."
  To Prevent Torture, Prosecute Torture
by Baher Azmy
"Reorienting our institutions toward accountability is a fundamental prerequisite to preventing future criminality. We can start by prosecuting those who planned, inflicted, and covered up torture."
  Stop Believing the Lies: America Tortured More Than 'Some Folks' – and Covered It Up
by Trevor Trimm
"It wasn’t that bad, we’ve been told, over and over again, for more than a decade."
  In This ‘Gut Check’ Moment, It’s Time to Reject Cheneyism
by John Nichols
It is this overarching arrogance that has consistently put Cheney at odds with American ideals and American values regarding transparency and accountability."
  The Hidden Hand Behind "Natural" Disasters
by Peter Bosshard
"Strengthening climate resilience requires reversing the degradation of ecosystems. Protecting and restoring our rivers and wetlands are key."
  Wall Street’s Democrats
by Robert Reich
"This must stop. America can’t tackle widening inequality without confronting the power and privilege lying behind it.  If the Democratic party doesn’t lead the charge, who will?"
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