Friday, October 24, 2014

Video School is cool

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Dear intellectual Interneters,
Ready to earn your VhD? The Vimeo Video School curriculum is chockablock with awesome resources for curious video creators. For example, you can learn to create spooky video effects just in time for Halloween. Or put new skills to the test in one of our Weekend Challenges — winners are haunted with affection and a free year of Vimeo Plus. Did we say haunted? We meant showered. Showered with affection.

And to achieve true educational excellence, check out our new premium Video School lessons, free to Vimeo Plus and PRO members. (Not a member? Upgrade now.) Scroll on, scholar!
Mastering Mobile Video
Mastering Mobile Video
Use that fancy flat device in your pocket to create videos you're proud of. We'll teach you how to work with light and capture sound, and to follow the most important rule of all: holding your phone the right way.
Master it
Video Editing 101
Video Editing 101
Whether you're new to editing or just looking for a refresher, get acquainted with Adobe Premiere, iMovie for Mac, and Windows Movie Maker in this series designed to make sense of popular software.
Edit everything
Meet your new film guru:
Vimeo On Demand
Video Game High School Season 3
Enter the elite gaming institution of the future where the pressure to defeat your enemy is matched only by the pressure to make friends, fall in love, and land the perfect headshot. Oh, to be young again.
The Culture High
Want to watch Sir Richard Branson and Snoop Dogg talk about marijuana? Of course you do. This documentary chronicles (sorry) the high-stakes pot debate that's currently blazing (we can't help it) a trail across North America.
Shred Bots
Shred Bots: The Movie
The glamorous life of a Shred Bot consists of riding snowboards down big mountains, off giant jumps, and across urban obstacles. Presented by DC, this film showcases the stunts and steely nerves of the sport's leading practitioners.
So there you have it — consider yourself schooled. And be sure to visit to see a handful of fully free tools that will help you graduate video cum laude.


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